At Tier 1, our premium vodka is a vehicle for our critical mission of honoring and supporting Special Operations warriors and their families.


“Tier 1” is a term used in the military which refers to those units that are the elite of the elite–those that perform the most sensitive and unconventional of missions.


Tier 1’s goal is to provide you with the purest drinking experience you can have.  Just as our Special Operations Forces pushed beyond their previously accepted limits, so too Tier 1 Organic Vodka pushes existing organic certifications.  With the best ingredients available, Tier 1 Vodka brings you the only truly premium “beyond organic” vodka.” 


At Tier 1, the process starts with pure water, organic grains, and clean fermentation.  Charcoal filtration adds clarity, crispness, and sparkle to the final spirit.    Pure and clean, one taste of our vodka and you notice the difference.  


As you take your initial sip, the first thing you notice is how utterly smooth tasting this particular spirit is.  You will experience the silky finish and comprehend how, among the sea of other choices, Tier 1 naturally stands out.